Ajita SAP Consulting has been providing high quality training and imparting knowledge to the SAP ecosystem since 2016. We have trained the trainers, trained the corporates, trained the entrepreneurs and trained the job seekers. Ajita SAP Consulting is lead by Ms. Kavita who has a decade of experience in SAP implementations and is now focussed on creating the right skill set for the enterprise SAP platform.

Our training programs are customized to different customers as their training requirements are different. We have clearly segmented courses for different customer profiles. Ajita SAP Consulting provides an unique platform to meet the demand of skilled and quality man power to constantly evolving SAP market. According to an industry trend, it is believed SAP is being used by over 12 million people spanned over 120 countries. There is also continuous need of more skilled and quality conscious resources. We at Ajita SAP Consulting are exactly working in this space to fill this need.

Our training methodology has the best global practices implemented in teaching SAP. We cover the live case studies of different real time scenarios during the course of training to get the trainees have exposure to challenges they may counter in real time. We cater the training needs of IT professionals, business users, decision makers and job seekers.

We provide real time advice to various scenarios in discussion forums on our website. We provide SAP Consulting and SAP Staffing services to our clients.