20 FICO Tips – Series 3

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The 3rd set of 20 FICO Tips in this series is right here. For those who missed the initial two series, here are the links.

20 FICO Tips – Series 1

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Sr. No. Knowledge Item Brief Description
1 How do I specify a different exchange rate type for Controlling Settlements?
  • OKO9 can be used to specify the required Fx rate type at Co. Area and Settlement Type Level
2 How can I move multiple SETS, Cost Center Groups, Cost Element Groups, etc from one client to another
  • Program RGSSTE00 for download (GS07) and  RGSSTI00 (GS08) for upload
    • This comes handy while moving Substitutions, Validations or CO Allocation Cycles
3 Can a Characteristic or Value Field in COPA be deleted, despite having transaction data?
  • Yes, Refer note 21207
4 I issued a Marking Allowance (CK24) using an undesired Costing Variant. Cost is also released after that. Can the a Marking Allowance be deleted now?
  • Use FM CK_F_FVMK_POSTING to reset the Costing Variant
5 How and when is a Profitability Segment derived?
  • Note 1351257 explains in detail how and when a PSG is determined in ABCOPA and CBCOPA
6 Which enhancement options can be used during a Standard Cost Estimate?
    • These BADIs can be used to choose specific Production Versions, Ignore Special Procurement Keys during cost estimate and so on
7 How to find out which validation is causing a Z error message?
  • If the message is issued by a validation, then you can find out the name of it by debugging G_VSR_VALIDATION_CALL. Refer to point ‘ 3. How can I use the Debugger to analyze a problem?’ in note 842318
8 How to populate a PSG while posting FI documents using a Custom Program?
9 Derivation rules in COPA refer to a Table that was not transported. How do I correct the inconsistency?
  • Execute RKEDRCHECK with only parameter ‘Check in all clients’ marked.
10 How to reorganize file descriptions in excel planning?
  • Use Program RKCDPREO
11 Can Z Fields be used as account assignment objects during depreciation (AFAB)?
  • Add the Z Fields in the additional account assignment structure ANLZACCOUNT
12 Can CO Allocation cycles be download and uploaded into / from an excel sheet?
  • Use Program RKALTRANS
13 I have a huge CC Standard Hierarchy (OKEON) to be created. Is there a way to automate it?
  • SAP offers template program RGSIMPH2, which needs to be copied and adopted to customer needs
  • This program can also be used to create any Master Data Groups like CC Group, CE Group, etc
14 How to add Custom fields in the Standard Asset Accounting reports?
  • Refer note 335065
15 How to deal with mid-year change to Company code / Business area in Cost center?
  • Use program RKACOR06.
  • Relevant SAP notes can be searched using the program name
16 Which table stores the values for Variance Calculation?
  • Refer Table COEPB.
    • Business Transaction: COEPB-VRGNG  KVAR
    • Value Type: COEPB-WRTTP  31 (Variances)
17 Can I find in what all CO Allocation cycles a Cost Center is used?
  • Use Program RKALLOOK
    • Refer Pilot Note 1009571 for prob with Lower/Upper case values
18 How do I move segment from one allocation cycle to another?
  • Use Program RKALSMOV
19 Amounts in certain currencies like JPY, IDR are stored differently in SAP Tables (Ratios other than 1:1 in OBBS)

What care should I take while using these values in RICEFs?

  • Use the following FMs
    • BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_EXTERNAL (For SAP to External format)
    • BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_INTERNAL (For External format to SAP)
20 How to identify a follow on document from FI doc?
  • Details can be found here Identify the follow on documents from a given document

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