Alternate solution to track employee costs

This document intends to explain an alternate approach to track employee costs. If SAP HR is implemented, it provides a standard way to do that. However, where SAP HR is not in scope, I have used the below approach, which I would like to share with the group.

Though this approach is very common, I have tweaked it a bit, to give a different touch.

Business Scenario: ABC Inc wants to track the employee expenses like Vehicle expenses, Telephone expenses, Travel expenses at each employee level. SAP HR is not in scope

Workaround approach:

1. Create one statistical Internal order per employee.

2. Using user exit COOPA003, add the following custom fields to the Internal order master data

– ZPERNR – Personnel No

– ZMOBILE – Telephone No

– ZVEHCL – Vehicle No.

3. Maintain the Personnel no., Telephone no and Vehicle no. while creating the IO master data

4. Maintain the “actual posted cost center” in the IO Master, incase the employee is attached to one cost center only

5. Create a Search (F4) Help using T code OKO1, to search the IO Number using ZPERNR, ZMOBILE, ZVEHCL. This is important because the accountant booking the expenses may not know the relevant IO number for a given Telephone no, when the employee is submitting his monthly Telephone bill to the accounting team. Though the employee no. can be written on the expense voucher, the idea is to avoid manual intervention.


1. User exit COOPA003


2. Add the custom fields to the include CI_AUFK. The below image shows the field ZPERNR. Similarly, add other fields


3. Write your custom code in the include ZXAUFU04 (part of EXIT_SAPMKAUF_002)

.4. Search Help


Once the search help is created, press F4 in the field “Internal Order” while doing the posting. One can see the custom fields there to search based on the Mobile No., Vehicle No. etc

Happy reading!!

Br, Ajay Maheshwari

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