Create a Master Data Group excluding certain values

In this document, I intend to share how to create master data groups excluding certain values. The concept applies to any of the master data groups like Cost Center Groups, Cost Element Groups, Internal Order, etc.

I take the example of Cost Element Groups to explain this

Assume you want to create a Cost Element Group which includes all the Cost Elements except a few. For this, you have options like

1) Manually enter all the Cost Elements except those you want to exclude

2) Manually enter the From…To Range of Cost Elements, carefully ignoring the Cost Elements you want to exclude. Eg: Cost Elements 1 to 105, 107 to 197, 199 to 399 and so on

The above two approaches would be tedious and are prone to issues incase a new GL numbering convention evolves in future. Hence, instead of these options, one can create a Dynamic Cost Element Group, following the steps below

1. Create a Selection Variant for the Cost Elements using Program RKKOASEL

2. I created the Variant OCOS_OTHER. While creating the variant, exclude the Cost Elements that must not form part of the Cost Element Group, as below


3. Now your Cost Element Group would be .OCOS_OTHER (i.e. Prefix the name of the Variant with a dot)

4. You can now include this Cost Element Group in your Allocation Cycles (Assessment / Distribution) or in your Reports (Eg: S_ALR*)

Isn’t it that simple? All you need to know is the name of the Program that can create a Selection Variant for you

For CC – Program is RKKSTSEL

For IO –  Program is RKOSEL00

You can search in SE38 as RK*SEL* and that should get you the list of relevant programs to choose from


Ajay Maheshwari

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